We understand that visiting the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience for some people.  Our team does our best to help ease whatever discomfort a patient may be feeling about their visit.  For this reason, we take the time to build trust, to get to know our patients and for them to get to know us, and to talk about whatever treatment may be required.  My team and I are proud to help you find a way to ease your nerves about your visit to our practice. You can gladly bring your favorite music to listen to during your visit.  Or you could watch a movie to distract yourself.  If you would like, there can also be small breaks during the treatment.

Dental Practice Sarah Herrmann

The dental practice at Roßmarkt in Frankfurt

Welcome! In our dental practice, located at Roßmarkt 23, you will receive advanced and cutting edge oral care.  Our approach centers on offering minimally invasive treatments so that your own teeth are kept intact as much as possible. We accomplish this through implementing systematic preventive check-ups and prophylaxis treatments from young to older years. We welcome you to come see us for a personal discussion about your dental health combined with a preventative check-up.

The most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable and well taken care of at our practice. For this reason, we strive to treat you and your oral health with dedication, empathy, and patience.

We look forward to working with you!
Your team at the practice at Roßmarkt 23

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> Teeth cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning at our practice is comprised of a thorough but gentle cleaning of the teeth with ultrasonic and hand-held instruments.

> Tooth replacement

If a tooth is damaged on a large surface or completely broken, it is possible to replace it with a dental prosthesis.

> Bleaching / Teeth whitening

Not everyone has been blessed with a naturally perfect smile or beautiful teeth. However, undergoing a teeth bleaching treatment can equate to making changes to the color of your teeth to reach a lighter color.

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