Dental Prosthesis

Partial crowns, crowns, bridges, dental prosthetics, and implant crowns all fall under the category of dental prosthesis.  If a tooth is damaged on a large surface or completely broken, it is possible to replace it with a crown (partial or full crown) to make the tooth functional again. In the case of a missing tooth, this can also be treated with a dental prosthesis such as a bridge, implant or a dental prosthetic.

Zahnersatz in der Zahnarzt Frankfurt
Partial crowns, crowns, bridges, dental prosthetics, and implant.

Your dental prosthetic will be prepared by a dental technician in dental laboratory.  There are two dental laboratories we’ve chosen to work with: Zahnhandwerker in Dietzenbach and Zahnwerk in Wiesbaden.

In order to create dental prosthesis of the highest quality it is of great importance to work with dental technicians.  A personal consultation with the dental technician either in the practice or the laboratory is something that can easily be set up for you as we strive to meet your wishes while achieving a flawless result and smile for you.