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Elderly dentistry

Elderly dentistry is of growing importance with the aging population.  It is important to cater to oral health in a timely manner.  The ability to take care of manual oral health often deteriorates quicker than we would like. For this reason, it is important to get regular preventative checkups in order to allow for early identification of any possible treatment needs and timely implementation of them.  Infections often foster and grow in sick teeth.  I will happily present you with information about possible dental prosthesis or dentures for any situation.  With a bit of patience, quiet, and respect for one another, we will address your individual questions and needs.

Zahnpflege im Alter – Zahnarztpraxis Sarah Herrmann in Frankfurt
Elderly dentistry at your dentist in Frankfurt.

A senior with healthy and well-treated teeth will have a much higher quality of life and health.

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