We understand that visiting the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience for some people.  Our team does our best to help ease whatever discomfort a patient may be feeling about their visit.  For this reason, we take the time to build trust, to get to know our patients and for them to get to know us, and to talk about whatever treatment may be required.  My team and I are proud to help you find a way to ease your nerves about your visit to our practice. You can gladly bring your favorite music to listen to during your visit.  Or you could watch a movie to distract yourself.  If you would like, there can also be small breaks during the treatment.

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Welcome to Dental Practice Dr. med. dent. S. Herrmann – Your dedicated Dentist in Frankfurt am Main. Located in the vibrant core of the city, our practice is on a mission to be recognized as one of the best dental clinics in Frankfurt, continually striving to surpass our patients’ expectations with exceptional dental care. If you’re in need of emergency dentist services or looking for comprehensive orthodontic solutions, our proficient English-speaking team is ready to provide outstanding service.

Renowned for our warm patient care and technical expertise, we’re here to serve as your trusted English-speaking dentist. Our practice is committed to providing you with sophisticated dental care in a welcoming environment at our modern Dental Klinik in Frankfurt.

Ready for a brighter smile? Book your appointment with Dental Practice Dr. med. dent. S. Herrmann today and take the first step towards optimal dental health.

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> Professional Teeth Cleaning

Experience exceptional teeth cleaning at Dental Practice Herrmann, where our advanced techniques ensure a brilliant smile. Our English speaking dental team provides comprehensive cleaning and teeth whitening services tailored to your individual needs. Schedule your visit with us today for a brighter, healthier smile.

> Vegan Teeth Cleaning and Prophylaxis

Dedicated to ethical practices, we also offer vegan tooth cleaning and prophylaxis at Dental Practice Herrmann. Embrace the eco-friendly choice with our cruelty-free and plant-based dental products, ensuring your dental care aligns with your values. Choose compassion without compromising on quality—book your vegan dental care with us.

> Conservative Dentistry

At the heart of a healthy smile is our commitment to conservative dentistry. Focusing on tooth preservation, our English-speaking dentists provide fillings, inlays, and onlays that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Preserve your smile’s integrity; book your consultation today.

> Dental Prosthesis

Regain the beauty and function of your smile with custom dental prosthesis solutions. From bridges to dentures, our skilled team crafts prosthetics that feel natural and comfortable. Speak to our dental experts to explore your options for a complete smile.

> Periodontology

Protect the foundation of your smile with our specialized periodontology services. Our clinic offers comprehensive gum treatments to combat periodontal disease, helping you maintain strong teeth and healthy gums. Connect with our English-speaking periodontists for proactive gum care.

> Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic treatments, from veneers to bonding, are designed to enhance your smile’s appearance. Discover how our English-speaking cosmetic dentists can craft your perfect smile. are adept at providing durable fillings and inlays, designed to blend flawlessly with your natural teeth. Contact us to safeguard the beauty of your smile.

> Root Canal Treatment

Preserve your natural teeth with precise root canal treatment. Our endodontic specialists employ the latest techniques to save teeth in distress, all while ensuring your comfort. Trust our English-speaking team to restore your dental health with care.

> Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

Brighten your smile safely with our professional teeth whitening and bleaching services. Achieve noticeable results with our personalized treatments that prioritize the health of your enamel. Whether you’re interested in traditional whitening or the latest bleaching techniques, consult with our expert dental team for a radiant, confident smile.

> Dental Anxiety Patient Treatment

We understand dental anxiety, which is why we offer compassionate treatment for dental anxiety. Our gentle approach and calming techniques ensure a comfortable experience for all our patients. Reach out to our understanding team for a stress-free dental visit.

> Geriatric dentistry

Tailored geriatric dentistry ensures continued oral health into the golden years. Our compassionate approach to care for the elderly encompasses dentures, crowns, and specific treatments designed for the unique dental needs of older adults. We offer comfort, functionality, and a touch of grace, allowing our experienced dentists to support the longevity of your smile with dignity.

> Nightguard

Protect against teeth grinding and TMJ issues with a custom-fitted nightguard. Our dental team crafts high-quality nightguards to prevent wear and provide relief as part of our splint therapy services. Schedule an appointment to safeguard your oral health while you sleep.

> Pediatric Dentistry

Lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles with our pediatric dentistry. We create a friendly, fun atmosphere for our youngest patients, focusing on preventative care and gentle treatments. Bring your child to our welcoming English-speaking pediatric dental team today.